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Cardeologie - Wholesale
Cardeologie is our designer greeting card and gift line, developed by retailers who have  over 26 years of experience in the retail industry. We design our cards and gifts for the discriminating customer who is looking for specific and unique sentiments.  We are proud to offer our signature line to other distinguished retailers throughout the United States.  Our line is printed in and distributed from Savannah, Georgia.   Please contact the appropriate sales representative in your area for further information or feel free to 
contact us if we do not currently have representation in your area.  
Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley, CA
Hali Burton
South San Francisco/ San Jose to Carmel, CA
Debbi Parmisano
(650) 637-1329
Sales Representatives:
We are currently looking for sales reps for uncovered territories.  Please contact us if you are interested.
Robyn Green
(404) 219-5349
Contact Us
North San Francisco Bay Area/
Sonoma/Napa, CA
Joyce Ulrich
(707) 888-1080

Cammy Hodges
(252) 314-2309
  Florida Panhandle
Kevin Arai
(310) 977-2809
Karen Miller
(617) 327-6421
Missy Gaines
(662) 292-0309

Talla Imports
(952) 933-7755
San Bernadino and Riverside 
Counties, CA
Lisa Mellor
(909) 649-3839
South Bay, NE Orange County, CA

Debi Russell
(562) 743-0024

West North Carolina/South
Carolina Coast
Susan Thurlow
Mid North Carolina/South Carolina Coast
Kristin Quinn

  South Florida 
Ernie Settani  AES Group
​(941) 228-1774
Iowa & Nebraska
Liz Ward