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Savannah Apothecary

Savannah Apothecary captures the magical aromatic mystique of the south, and allows you to enjoy this luxury in your own home. The tranquil scent of majestic Spanish Moss instantly transports you to the deep south, rich with subtle notes reminiscent of freshly picked cotton and delicate moss blossoms.  Spanish Moss is currently available in Liquid Soap, Body Lotion, and our Signature Soy Candle.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA using only the finest ingredients.  We are happy to ship our products anywhere in the United States.  Please go to our contact page for information and we will gladly fill your order.
A princess and her love, upon their wedding day, were struck down by a savage foe. United in death, they were lovingly buried beneath the protective canopy of an old oak tree. In memory of the couple, the bride's long hair was cut and hung on the limbs of the sprawling oak above. Undisturbed, it hung there, and as the years passed, the locks turned grey and spread from tree to tree. 

There's a beautiful old legend that's whispered by southern folk about the lacey Spanish Moss that garlands the majestic Great Oaks of Savannah.

 Body Lotion - $22.95
Soy Candle - $22.95
Liqud Soap - $22.95